Technomancers unite, and rise with me. Not to sound too Borgish, but seriously, technology helped me fly, again.

It was clipped, actually, torn off in a storm. I fell. Half my face smashed in from the impact. I wasn’t too high to heal from the fall. I healed. …

Fight. So violent. But fight we must, or struggle. The only two options. But, wait.

Roll, tuck, grab backwards, suplex. Grapple with it.

Hold. Take a second to breathe. Strategize while you have the moment. Move.

Listening to a friends amplified story riffing through my mind, I climb the crescendo…

What if, every dollar, was a soul. Captured and certified in ink, on paper. A birth certificate we never received, welcoming us to reality.

What if I knew that only god could judge me. Not even myself could judge me.

When you compartmentalize it, like gravity on my different joints…

A diagnosis saved my life. It wasn’t the right diagnosis, but hey, it set me on a path that led me to stability and dare I say it, happiness. There wasn’t much to it. I was in the midst of a psychosis episode when I ended up in the emergency…

Adam Warren George

I like to write, because I enjoy communicating what I experience. And I like to do it in creative ways, lyrical and poetic prose, not sticking to the path.

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