Occupational Safety and Health Administration is Required to serve Body Service Providers (Sex workers.)

Adam Warren George
2 min readOct 21, 2022


The Requirement is finally documented here because something I Witnessed yesterday.

A woman dressed in underwear with other women dressed in underwear off the side of a highway was being pressed by a man. She was minding her business as he advanced toward her, and she walked away. He followed too close for comfort, and she stepped into the stopped traffic, at the light. I honked as a warning, and loosed my bird through the windsheild. The man skulked away, not afraid, but angry.

On a very real note.

OSHA (or Occupational Saftey and Health Administration) needs to step up and analyze how to protect our sex workers. The people employed by the FDA, specifically the people governing the OSHA organization, are the best organized group of bodies minds and hearts to formalize the protections.

OSHA sets standards on how to protect our physical builders and laborers. They are not the only organized peoples hoping to help protect human laborers, but they do set the current standard of protections required in the Construction Sector.

Both sex workers and laborers put their bodies on the line.

If you think Civil Sex Workers should not be protected, take a moment and consider a new to you idea.

Recognize the next time you see a person working in the Body Worker Sector, specifically on the Field serving an unorganized community.

We need to formally strive to govern, respect, and give protective equipment and services to underprotected Body Service Providers. If we take away or never offer basic material protections and protective services, these workers will still serve communities. These people are family, and serve family. Let us organize and protect all peoples.



Adam Warren George

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