Adam Warren George
5 min readApr 6, 2022

I was once told by a friend’s father that my brother was less intelligent because my brother used curse words. I disagreed. It is my belief that curse words are tools. Each expletive communicates a meaning. Without the swear word, the truth conveyed in the communication would not be accurate.

Let me preface the message below with this, fuck your feelings. Fuck your time management. And fuck all else that comes to your mind that guides you in a direction contrary.

There is a galactic law being broken. I know. You say, “but Adam, there are no written laws to the universe. Only forces like gravity and electromagnetism. But no man can govern nature.”

And to your former point, I reply, “yeah, you are right.”

Numbers don’t matter to half of us, and to the other half they only matter when they benefit or protect that half. So no numbers. Just a tidbit. Imagine this, if the human population was slaughtered at the same rate as all other non-human animals, we would be extinct in less than a week.

“Yeah but Adam, they are animals… and we need to eat their flesh. It is the only way to survive.”

PseudoScience. Fuck your babylon ways. What I mean by that is you lack an ability to speak to others on their terms. Get to their eye level. Many of us do not exercise empathy enough to even understand the peoples in our bordering nations. So how can we understand our boarding species. Buck the fuck up, that’s how.

Empathy is a tool used to expand your ability to communicate with those different than you. If you don’t understand, ask someone you think might.

In case you are thinking, “Adam, you are a fucking idiot,” first of all fuck off. Second, your deflection out of laziness although effective on some will not work here.

Do this mental exercise for your angry, grumpy, sad self. You have a mom and dad that conceived you. Maybe you have brothers and sisters, but you definitely have grandparents. And guess what, so does every animal in our Earthly kingdom.

To those that gave a disrespectful eye roll, please feel the back of my hand across your face. You are likely too old for such behavior and you need to snap out of it.

Okay let’s accept that premise. All animals have family. Think about your life and your interactions, good/bad, with your family. Now erase those memories and replace them with you and your loved ones in cages next to one another, every day. Unfortunately you don’t get to go outside, so you probably have never seen the sun. A couple of the people that bring you food are nice, some are void but gentle enough, and others abuse you.

After living a few years, you get corralled with all those family members, roped around the leg and hoisted upside down. Before you know it, you are choking on your own blood because someone slit your throat.

But no man can govern nature.


That is why we say to hell with your laws, policies, gerrymandering, vain defense of cultural heritage, and references from your favorite holy book.

If you honor a historical practice of slaughter, and thankless consumption of the life stolen for your briefly extended life, then you need a reality check.

Everything in the universe can be manipulated. Everything. By proxy, everything can be governed.

The law being broken is a life-right law. We are taking life that is not ours, and calling it a sacrifice of the other. We take and call it a sacrifice, even when consent was not given.

About now I am thinking about all of the drama mongers and TV news gossips that are perking up. Their fetish to see the reaction of the people that they have the power of word over, not unlike a priest and a congregation, is disgusting. I can almost see the round table of news writers sitting around a table jerking off each other’s egos about how much stir this story will cause. Pitching headlines to each other. “How about, ‘Snowflake Liberal Cries About Cows.” They all start laughing. “No no no, how about, ‘Cancel Culture Crashes Family Dinner!” They get excited and start assuring each other that I am a piece of shit and they are more worthy of all the good things that can come ones way in this life.

They get all jittery and excited when they present it to the Voice. “This one is good,” they say. The Voice reads over the title and is already getting chills. “We’re going to get those fucking snowflakes tonight my friends! And after the taping, Steak and Lobster on me!” Their exuberance and cheers fill the room, and everyone is happy.

That night, the story airs during prime time. People get enraged. “Our Freedom!” “My right!” “It’s natural.” “Bible! Koran! Torah!” Internet blows up with people fighting with meaningless strings of characters that all boil down to, you are wrong and I am right. Each side recruits a few newbies. And not much changes. The Voice and the whole news room goes home and masturbates to the thought of themselves and a job well done.

We are all quick to throw a stone. Not all Nazi Party Members were evil, but fearfully a part of an industrial government that punished decentors. Most omnivores and carnivores are not evil, but still buy into industrial farming.

I am sitting on my cow skin couch. My heart hurts, and my patience for those wanting to engage in a you are wrong I am right moment is zero. I have no time for you. Please document your thoughts and feelings in your journal before you go to sleep. Hopefully, I will not make it into more than one entry, because your energy spent bitching about me and people like me is a waste of time.

I ask to do your fucking best to think about the supply chain. Think of the chain of events that it took to get that hot dog on your plate. Do not keep ignoring the stunted life of the animal that was nonconsensually sacrificed for that five minutes of munching. Think about the last few years of your life, highs and lows. Next realize the flesh from the animal you are about to consume once was part of a bodily vessel carrying a living Earthling through time and space at the same damn velocity and time as your bodily vessel did. Remember and imagine what their life was like for those several years.

Fuck your money. I do not want it. Do not follow me on socials like the next guru you want to use as a model. In fact stop fucking thinking about what else I have to offer you, and start thinking about some changes you maybe need to consider making in your day to day.

If you do say fuck it, and continue to be a cog in the perpetual genocide machine, god help you to at least remember to take a moment to honor the life lived by the creature whose flesh is now on your plate.


Adam Warren George



Adam Warren George

I like to write, because I enjoy communicating what I experience. And I like to do it in creative ways, lyrical and poetic prose, not sticking to the path.